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Kamen Rider Amazon
Daisuke Yamamoto (A.R. World)
Gender: Male
Series: Kamen Rider Decade
Motif: Chameleon/Chimera
Rider Type: Hero
Homeworld: Earth (World of Amazon)
First Appearance: Amazon, Friend
Last Appearance: The Strong, Naked, Strong Guy
Number of Episode
2 (Decade)
Actor: Enrique Sakamoto
Kamen Rider Amazon
Kamen Rider Amazon (World of Amazon)
For the original Kamen Rider Amazon, see Daisuke Yamamoto.

"Amazon" is the original Amazon's incarnation in Kamen Rider Decade.

Daisuke Yamamoto (Kamen Rider Amazon)Edit

He is a man from the Amazon Rainforest who traveled across the world to find a place that he could call home, eventually arriving in Japan where he fights Geddon as Kamen Rider Amazon. Though disillusioned after Masahiko used him to get the GiGi Armlet, Amazon regains his trust in humanity when the boy returns the armlet, finding his place by the Okamura. Afterwards, he aids Decade in battle against Apollo Geist and Llumu Qhimil, forcing Apollo Geist into retreat with his Dai Setsudan and destroying Llumu with his Super Dai Setsudan after Decade equipped him with the GaGa Armlet.

The Original AmazonEdit

Main article: Daisuke Yamamoto

The World of Amazon two-parter in Decade currently remains the only appearance of the A.R. World Amazon. The Amazon who appears in All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker (which was released around the same time) and post-Decade crossovers is the original Daisuke Yamamoto, now voiced by Tomokazu Seki.



GiGi ArmletEdit

GiGi amulet

GiGi Armlet.

Main article: GiGi Armlet

GiGi Armlet (ギギの腕輪 Gigi no Udewa?) is a mysterious O-Part of the Incas that was created 120 years ago as one of two keys that would allow the user of the two to rule the world with Incan super science & Transformation Brace of Kamen Rider Amazon. The GiGi Armlet serves as Amazon's power source along with being the only thing keeping him alive. Grafted unto his left arm, Daisuke is originally unaware of the Armlet's true power until he found the Quipu that revealed it. It is similar to GaGa Armlet but its an upgraded version of GiGi Armlet.




Main article: Condorer

Condorer (コンドラー Kondorā?) is Amazon's belt. While not the means of Amazon's transformation like Riders before and after, it has other uses such as a grappling hook.




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The Jungler (ジャングラー Jangurā?) is Amazon's motorcycle, built by Tōbei Tachibana based on design specs provided by Kōsaka from his journey into the Amazon. The Jungler is much more vibrant and exotic than Tōbei's previous creations, featuring "wings" on the back and a "mouth" and "eyes" on the front. In Kamen Rider Spirits, the Jungler has a hidden grapple cable and winch in the "mouth" of the bike used to scale high terrain.

Behind the scenesEdit


Amazon is portrayed by Enrique Sakamoto (坂本 エンリケ Sakamoto Enrike?), a Japanese Peruvian from Trujillo. As Kamen Rider Amazon, his suit actor is Jun Watanabe (渡辺 淳 Watanabe Jun?).


  • His full name is not given in the television series, but is mentioned in Televi-Kun magazine, which his real name was Daisuke Yamamoto (山本 ダイスケ Yamamoto Daisuke?).