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Masaki Suda
Born February 21, 1993
Born in Osaka Prefecture, Japan
Role(s) Philip
Katsumi Daido (young)
Kamen Rider W
Kamen Rider X Kamen Rider W & Decade Movie War 2010 Director's Cut-19-06-31-

Masaki Suda (菅田 将暉 Suda Masaki?) (born as Taisho Sugo (菅生 大将 Sugō Taishō?)) born February 21, 1993 is a Japanese actor from Osaka Prefecture. Before being signed onto the Top Coat talent agency, Suda tried out for both Amuse, Inc.'s 30th anniversary contest and the Junon Superboy Contest. His debut role is as Philip, the male lead and half of the eponymous hero of the 2009/2010 Kamen Rider Series, Kamen Rider W. He is also in Hammer Session!, a summer Japanese drama.

At present, the last time Suda, along with Kiriyama reprised his role as Kamen Rider Double was in Movie War Mega Max (December 2011). Kamen Rider Double was voiced by replacement voice actor in later appearance. Despite that Kiriyama reprised his role in Kamen Rider Taisen, Suda does not return to reprise his role as his character wasn't mentioned in the film.





  • He is the first 90's actor to play the Primary Rider.

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