This article is about a/an rider in Kamen Rider Dragon Knight.
Kamen Rider Wrath
Gender: Male
Series: Kamen Rider Dragon Knight
Motif: Phoenix
Rider Type: Hero
Homeworld: Ventara
First Appearance: For Ventara and Earth, pt. 2
Last Appearance: For Ventara and Earth, pt. 2
Number of Episode
1 (Dragon Knight)
Actor: Mark Cameron Wystrach
Kamen Rider Wrath
Kamen Rider Odin
For his Earth counterpart, see Vic Frasier.

Nolan is the original Ventaran Kamen Rider Wrath and was Len's mentor, similar to how Len currently mentors Kit. Because of this, Len despises how Xaviax is using Vic Frasier's body, especially since Xaviax also uses his human form.

During the final battle, Nolan was rescued from the Advent Void and used his Link Vent to destroy Xaviax.


Goldphoenix is a golden mechanical phoenix which is Wrath's Advent Beast.


Wrath's Advent DeckEdit

Wrath slots his cards in his staff called the Gold Visor.

  • Attack Vent: Summons Goldphoenix to directly attack his enemies.
  • Sword Vent: Conjures dual sabers in the shape of a phoenix's wings.
  • Guard Vent: Conjures a shield in the shape of a phoenix's tail.
  • Steal Vent: Steals any equipment that another rider has conjured.
  • Time Vent: Allows Kamen Rider Wrath to reverse time.
  • Final Vent: Summon's Goldpheonix for Wrath's Final Vent. Goldphoenix sends Kamen Rider Wrath into the opponent head first while engulfed in flames. Unlike other Final Vents, Wrath's Final Vent is suicidal as he can possibly vent himself in the process.


  • Unlike Kamen Rider Odin, Nolan's Rider Form was good and a non-puppet Kamen Rider along with rest of the Ventaran Riders.

See alsoEdit

  • Kamen Rider Odin - Nolan's Japanese counterpart in Kamen Rider Ryuki donning the powers of Kamen Rider Wrath.

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